“Just wanted to send an update on Chloe,she is such a wonderful baby and so playful. She seems to think she is a big dog and believe it or not she is a great watch dog!”Her and our lab get along great. They are inseparable! Chloe doesn’t like playing with her”tiny”dog toys,she always steals the labs big{bigger than her” toys,but they love to share.She loves to be outside running in the leaves. I cannot wait to see her in the snow. Oh,and our lab has taught her to kill bugs,chase squirrels and fetch.I think we have the only chihuahua that knows how to play fetch.I swear she does not know that she is only 3 pounds. Well ,we just wanted to tell you thank you for selling us a great baby. We are so blessed to have her.I would recommend anyone to get one of your puppies.

Veronica Young

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