Information on Adopting our Puppies

Information and Terms for Adopting A Puppy

We inform everyone upfront that we do not give anyone bank info, not even for Zelle bank transfer payments. Sorry. If you are coming here to get a puppy that is 8 weeks old or older, we only accept cash. Your written health guarantee is also a receipt. If you come here in person to pick out a puppy under 8 weeks old, we only accept cash as deposits, and you get a receipt. NO EXCEPTIONS

For all puppies under $1000.00, a deposit of $250.00 is required to hold your puppy. For a puppy over $1000.00, a deposit of $500.00 is required to hold a puppy. There will be no exchanges made, NO Exceptions! Once a deposit or payment is made, the deal is FINAL. Make sure you want the puppy before sending any money because we do not refund money unless the puppy dies in our care or is unfit for sale. All Deposits are Non- Refundable: You are expected to pick up your puppy when they are 8 weeks old. If you place money on a puppy and we decide later from constant calls or emails like 72 emails in 4 days like someone did, we will refuse to sell you that puppy and refund you the full amount paid. We had this happen with 2 people ,due to their excessive calling and/or emailing us, we refused to sell. Please know that we have the right to refuse any sale if we feel it is in the puppy's best interest, including refunding a deposit to hold. Their well-being is our number one priority. We try to ship a puppy as soon as a flight can be arranged, as soon as payment in full is made, and the puppy has reached 8 weeks old or is the proper weight for shipping.

All shipping charges include the cost of the health certificate, travel crate, and airline charges. All this is included in the quoted price that we give you. We call the airlines first as prices may have increased. We will no longer accept any pay pal payments on puppies. You must send the Bank issued check or money by mail. We will contact you as soon as we get it. We are sorry, but we will not accept money by pay pal," it takes one bad apple to spoil the rest."

You must send the payment by priority mail and send us the tracking number.

We only get health certificates on puppies that are to be shipped

"Everyone else gets a signed written Health Guarantee."

We give everyone a Written health guarantee. Suppose your vet states the puppy has a life-threatening condition when you first take your puppy to be health checked. In that case, you must get that in writing from your vet on their letterhead stating that life-threatening condition and the puppy within 24 hours of your vet's diagnosis. We will replace that puppy if we have one of equal or lesser value. If we do not have one, we will notify you when one is available. This is why... We have had people tell us a puppy had something wrong with it in the past and would not show proof of a life-threatening condition. After having the puppy for 3 months, one woman said something, telling me water on the brain, which I never had, and came to find out it was caused by a head injury and had a seizure for over an hour, causing the brain to swell. She refused to provide proof that the puppy had a condition for the past 3 months while in her care. The puppy was fine when she got him. She was given a health certificate from a vet before getting that puppy, and he was a happy, healthy puppy. So we have to see proof. People try all kinds of things to get money or a free puppy. When showing proof that the puppy has a life-threatening condition, we will have it in writing that we will owe you another puppy. If we do not have one when you return the puppy, you will get in writing signed by me that you will get one from another litter.

We must see proof from your vet within 24 hours to return that puppy. An over or under-bite does not qualify that puppy as being unfit for sale or having a life-threatening condition. We have no control over a puppy stepping in poop during the night or day before I see they pooped and lick their feet or eat poop, causing coccidia. I treat them for two weeks with Albon. Some may need it another week after they leave here. This is something I can't stop them from doing. I will not beat my puppies, just to make them stop. Most stop on their own as they age. All puppies with deposits to hold are given Panacur 3 days in a row, counting the pick-up date as day 3 because sometimes puppies may lick pee which is contaminated water, and may get a mild case of giardia from that. I am not there all the time, every minute to see when they pee or poop. I try my best to make sure they are kept clean.

You must make arrangements to pick up your puppy when they are 8 weeks old, or that puppy will be put back up for adoption, and you will forfeit any deposits made on that puppy. I am sorry, but people have taken advantage of our kindness, and the puppies need to get a wonderful happy home when they are young

Weather Requirements by the Airline's website

To keep your pet safe, we observe seasonal restrictions on pet travel. We don't ship pets during extreme weather for your pet's safety. This includes if the temperature exceeds 80˚F (27˚C) or if the temperature falls below 20˚F (-7˚C) while the animal is on the ground at any point in the routing. (This was taken off the airline website for weather info)

We will only accept CASH, Bank-issued CHECKS, USPS MONEY ORDERS, and WESTERN UNION. We will No longer accept payments by pay pal, which is why I had a woman in AZ who was getting two of my puppies. She sent me $1400.00 using pay pal. At this time, no airline was accepting any pets by cargo. If the temperatures are 80 degrees and above on any connecting flight, they will not ship. The woman knew this but would not fly here to get them both, and she refused to hire a pet nanny to pick up the puppies and deliver them to her, so she asked for a refund, and they refunded her the full amount, but charged me almost 50.00, the fee I had to pay, and that is my loss for being nice to her. I will never take another chance with pay pal charging me the fees because I refunded anyone the money for any reason. Sorry!

Please make sure you want a puppy when you get one. We will NEVER, for any reason, take a dog back after they are 6 months old. We are only allowed 9 dogs and cannot take anyone's adult back.

All puppies are sent to their new homes with a puppy starter kit, with lots of valuable tips and tools to help all new owners get off to a great start. You will also get a complementary sample of high-quality Puppy food that is enough for a full day of feeding. For your new companion, you will also receive a new toy for them to enjoy and a nice little blanket to keep them warm and snuggle with.

SORRY! We will no longer accept personal checks. This means for everyone, including people who have adopted several puppies from us, because, again, we received a check for a deposit on a puppy from someone who had already adopted one that came back as NSF or because their bank said the signature looked suspicious. It is hard to trust those who have never written a bad check. I never have and would never write a check to someone if I did not have the money in my bank to cover that check. It is like stealing. I understand there are you people who had adopted several puppies from me and had paid by personal check. Still, we will no longer accept a personal check from anyone anymore because this makes about 5 checks returned as NSF. 8/8/2016


If sending a deposit by mail, we will allow 4 days for that deposit to reach us. After the 4 days, the puppy will be back up for adoption. I suggest sending the deposit by next-day mail or priority with a tracking number to ensure the delivery of your deposit. If you cannot mail your deposit, I’d suggests asking a friend or a family member to mail it for you. If we put the puppy back up for adoption and someone puts one on that puppy before we get your deposit after the 4 days, we will return your deposit unopened. Sorry, but we have heard many reasons for not getting the deposit in the allowable time frame. When you come to pick up your puppy, the balance due must be cash only.

You will also get a small package of food and a toy for your new puppy being shipped. All puppies get a puppy kit.

Alright, due to people wanting us to continue holding their puppy after the puppy is 8 weeks old, we are forced to make a few changes. The puppy deserves to get home as soon as they can. We have to get the deposit to hold a puppy upfront, and we will only hold that puppy for up to one week longer; after they are 8 weeks old, you MUST pay the puppy in full, and we will hold the puppy one week longer, no more than one week. Or after one week, the puppy will be back up for adoption, and the deposit to hold will NOT BE REFUNDED. We had a deposit placed on 2 puppies, and still, after 16 weeks old, the woman, who is a doctor, never came to get the puppies, making it harder for them to get adopted since most people want a tiny 8-week-old puppy.

Shipping charges and fees: Puppies will not be shipped to adjoining states, PA, WV, VA, or DE, when it is not that far to drive. People do not want to pay to have a puppy shipped over a short distance. They do not understand that there is usually no straight flight to their airport. The puppy will not be shipped until 12 weeks old or 2 pounds. The shipping cost is 375.00, including the cost for the carrier and travel sheet (Health Certificate) required by the airlines, as rising costs in flight charges and vet cost shipping may change as time goes on. A carrier and travel sheet that we would not have to get if you were to pick up the puppy in person. It is better to see what you want to adopt in person. Too many out there will not ship you what you see online, so be careful. NO health certificate is given for a puppy picked up in person. A written health guarantee is given for that puppy. If the weather is too hot or too cold, the airline will not accept any puppy, so I am letting everyone know that if the weather is not fit to ship anywhere, the plane is to land, and we will have to wait until the following weekend and try again. We will not risk the life of any puppy. From now on, the puppy will be 12 weeks old before we ship.

We take $100.00 off on the second puppy when you adopt two (2) at the same time

If you fly to Maryland to get the puppy to take on the plane with you, you will have to rent a car and drive to our home to pick up that puppy. We do not meet people at the airport. I am sorry, we know nothing about the airports, only the cargo part where we take a puppy to ship them.

Chihuahua Dog Information

Please read the Health Information below. Just click on the link above that says Chihuahua Dog Information. We want to point out that the soft spot on the head does not mean the puppy has water on the brain. Almost all Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot. Some will close, but some do not, even as an adult. Some vets do not recognize this breed as having a soft spot. When your puppy/dogs have a soft spot, you must ensure they do not fall or hit their heads in any way, shape, or form. We will not replace a puppy that has hurt its head and died after being dropped or hurt while playing in your care. We are not responsible for an injury to the head or anything happening while in someone else's care. The Health Info below tells a little about this condition; you can research more online. Just click on the words underlined that say Health Information below.

Health Information

I am proud to say I have some of the most wonderful Chihuahuas with great personalities and Temperaments. Some are Pet Quality, and some are of Show Quality. Some have Champion Bloodlines, and the prices reflect the type of quality and pedigree of the puppy. Quality is not inexpensive!

You are welcome to come and see our puppies and birds we have for sale; however, Appointments Only! It is, so we are sure to be home. You can email or call us...Thank you!

Please NOTE! When you get a puppy from anyone. If you do not ensure they eat, they can and will surely die from hypoglycemia. The sellers will not be liable for any loss due to HYPOGLYCEMIA (low blood sugar ) from not eating. This is the buyers' responsibility to make sure their puppy eats. You need to take the puppy to your vet if they don't eat due to being held too much or stressed. Time in waiting may end up in "DEATH. "I have and can not express this enough to new puppy owners. I supplied info on Hypoglycemia and later found out the new owner did not read the info on hypoglycemia. You also have to give them time to eat and not hold the puppy all the time like I have known for a fact that people have done, which did result in their deaths, so please allow the puppy to eat. What happens when the puppy leaves my home is not my fault as to what happens while living in your home. People always seem to want to blame the breeder for what they do to cause harm to their puppy.

If you ask us, I would be happy to email you photos of the parents when you adopt a puppy, but we will not have any adults around when you come here to visit the puppies. We had someone try to steal one of our adults, so now none will be around for you to see—no mothers and not the dad. Sorry, but it took one bad apple to mess up the bushel

Don't be afraid someone will steal your dog/puppy or your puppy will get lost, have your puppy Micro-Chipped.

We can microchip your puppy upon request...for a low fee of $35.00. 

We believe our puppies stand way above most for this reason. They are not raised in cages, meaning you get that perfect lifelong companion with great temperaments, personalities, and social skills, and very friendly and playful. Puppies that have not been raised in a cage are friendlier and more sociable. We stand by our puppies, giving you a written health guarantee. All are d-wormed and up to date on their shots.

Buyer, Please Beware.......Info that you need to know

Please know that a registered puppy, rather it be with AKC or any other KENNEL CLUB, as there are so many out there. A puppy being sold as a chihuahua if it is registered with any kennel club; registration is NOT Proof of a full Chihuahua rather it be a chihuahua or any breed. I have had two people tell me that if a puppy is not registered with AKC, they have to wonder if it is a full chihuahua. Our adults are registered with both AKC and CKC kennel clubs. I have been told that people want pets, and only 13-1/4 % register their puppies. So we only register our litters with CKC. That does not question if they are full-breed or mixed. Come and look at them; you can tell they are FULL CHIHUAHUA!

I met a breeder who had a litter of 2 registered with AKC, and she told AKC the mother had 5 babies. She took the 3 AKC registration papers and attached them to a litter of 3 that was not registered. Sold 5-week-old puppies as being 8 weeks old, telling people they were T-CUP puppies. She told me that when people bought them, she would never see them again once she got the money—sold them for 1500.00 each. Those people thought and were told by this woman they would stay small, and they got about 15 pounds. She was dishonest, and we severed ties with her.

We, at the time, had a pet shop and were selling on consignment. She told me nothing until I sold her puppies for about 6 months on consignment. I asked her how she was getting such tiny puppies because the parents were so big, She told me what she did, and that is when she told me about ordering extra AKC registration papers. She would also sell them with only Limited Registration. This was done so AKC would not do DNA on them and see they were not from that litter of AKC parents. Dishonest people like this make it hard for honest people. To me, it is no better than a scam (Buyer Beware)

Breeders who tell you if the puppies being sold are not full chihuahuas if they are not AKC registered or with any other kennel club, they are only telling you that to sell their puppies. If they say there is no such thing as a t-cup, it is only because they do not have tiny puppies. A t-cup; people have considered the very tiny ones to be are not saying that because they can sit in a t-cup. They are the smallest in that breed, no matter what breed it is. We get some very tiny puppies; some have not gotten over 1 pound full-grown. Please never let someone talk you into buying their puppy by downing someone else. You choose what puppy is best for you and is the puppy you want. Also, I once bought from a woman 10 puppies, 5 Yorkie-poos, and 5 chihuahuas. In 3 days, they were all dead. When I took her to court to get my money back, I discovered that where I bought the puppies was not her home. It was spotless, so I thought I was buying family-raised puppies. I found her right address from the court, and when I went there, it was a puppy mill. Wooden cages on concrete blocks. I reported her, and she was shut down. They have something to hide if someone does not allow you to come to their house. If they suggest or offer to meet you, that again is a red flag. Buyer Beware.

Doodle Bug with her son. She is also Bug's Aunt. Doodle Bug sadly passed several years ago.

Below is Ally (Blossom's baby) taking a snooze on her new buddy in her new forever home on 4/2/2020

This is our 10-year-old little girl named Bug. The photo was taken on April 6, 2017. Her original weight at 4 years old before spaying was 1 pound 11 ounces. She then got to be only 2 pounds.Sadly she has passed and will forever be missed and in our hearts.

Patches Digger-Doo in her younger years. She is Bug's grandmother and Doodle Bug's mother. She passed at the age of 16-1/2 years old in Feb.2017. She will be forever missed.