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Below is one of our smallest of small puppies. She was 5 months old and weighed only 9 ounces in that picture. She was born on 1/3/12 and was adopted in June 2012. She is a healthy, happy, precious girl and has a wonderful family! Her mom weighed 6 pounds. Dad was 3 pounds. She has a sister weighing 3 pounds. Pictured with Johnny Cat.

The puppy below is NOT 4 SALE!

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Check with the local shelters in your area first before anything when you lose your dogs or cats. We placed a female Sandy about 4 or 5 years ago with someone. We received a call from a Martinsburg, WV, Officer from a shelter who found her walking along a road wearing a collar. She contacted me about an expired rabies tag that she was wearing with a phone number that no longer worked. Her name on the tag was Sandy Lu Carey. She is at least 9 years old. I did not remember who got her, so after 5 days, Sandy was put up for adoption. How sad for her to be forever gone from her home again, if only she had been micro-chipped.

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Do not change your puppies' food all at once. Doing so can cause vomiting and bloody runny poop with mucus. A vet may even say the puppy had parvo because of the smell of the poop when the cause was from changing his dry food to canned food and from the puppy overeating. Please Google the causes of blood in a puppy's stool, and you can read for yourself. We would not take a puppy back even if you had the puppy only a few hours with you, causing the puppy's condition from something out of our control. All we know is you got a happy, healthy puppy, and in only a few hours, you want to bring back a puppy near death from your actions. It would help to tell your vet what happened before the puppy got ill. And changing his diet is one of those things. Sorry, we are not required to give your puppy medical attention when you could have been the main reason your puppy is ill. It is the state law you must give your puppy medical treatment from a vet even if you only had the puppy for 5 minutes, especially when our puppies are still happy, playful, and healthy.

We will NOT give anyone who adopts one of our puppies a refund just because they no longer want the puppy. We will only offer you 50% of what you paid for that puppy. No exceptions. And only puppies. We never will take back a puppy older than 6 months old to try to resale for you or give 50% back to you or take the puppy back over 6 months old just because you no longer want that puppy under any circumstances or reasons. No exchanges and No 100% refund. Make sure you want that puppy before you leave my home. We will no longer hold on to any puppy you return and will try to re-sale that puppy for you. Once you leave here, that puppy belongs to you. It is unfair to the puppy not to give them a chance to be loved and wanted. If you do not want them, you can re-sale that puppy, or we will take it back and offer you 50% of what you paid. We have healthy, happy, and playful family-raised babies who deserve better than being tossed aside because you do not want the puppy. Give them a chance to get adjusted to you and your home. We had a woman get a puppy for her daughter, and both her daughter and the puppy loved each other, but the woman the mother said the puppy did not like her. I ask and wonder WHY?

Puppies 4 Adoption.

Below this is Bug, born 7/7/2007. Not 4 Sale!
She weighed 1.11 at 4 years old


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Her mom "Boo"

Special Happy Pets

This is Bug now! 3/9/09. She is what we call a micro-T-Cup! T-Cups are the smallest of the breed, and Yes, we call them T-Cups! Most people also know them and ask for them by being a t-cup! We call them a t-cup because they are so small they can sit in a teacup. The white female on the right is Bug's mother, Boo. Sadly she was lost during a spay after a c-section; the vet accidentally cut off the tube from her kidneys to her bladder because she had a lot of scar tissue from two previous c-sections, and she could not be saved. 5/25/2011. Even at this happening, I still have the most wonderful vets, so kind and caring to both the animals and their owners. A vet knows more when leaving than when you walk through their door because they do not talk words. Boo was such a sweet loving, spoiled little girl. She loved going bye-bye with us. She will never be forgotten. We miss her and will forever.

At times we have older dogs that are paper-trained, friendly, and all are up to date on their shots and have their rabies vaccine. They have never been in any cage! They will be spayed or neutered. They are for pets/companions only! NO BREEDING, where they are slapped in a cage for the rest of their lives. If you want to own one of these Chihuahuas, let us know.

As the puppies grow and age, we re-evaluate and adjust the price of each puppy.

The weight chart above does not always apply to the puppy. As the puppy grows within a few weeks, the size can be more determined, especially when they are 8 weeks old.

Please understand that we do not take puppies back just because you do not want to give them time to get used to their new home and you. You have to give them a chance to get used to their new home and surroundings. They may be afraid, stressed out at first, and not want to be carried all over the place. Our babies are socialized the best way we can, but going to a new home can still take time to get adjusted, and a day or two left alone should not hurt anyone: don't you agree? Not all puppies are the same. Allow them time to adjust and use you as you get used to them. Don't force them, especially if they are older puppies. We have never sold a mean and hateful puppy that would deliberately bite people. We have parted with 5 - 6 and even 8-year-old adult dogs, and never has any of them, bit people. So think before you purchase a puppy; if you don't have the patience to allow them a day or two to get used to their new home, then maybe our babies are not meant for you. We don't only care for our puppies but care about the people who adopt them. But we, under no conditions whatsoever, take a puppy that is and was before leaving our home, take a puppy back, and give you a refund. We will consider taking the puppy back to re-sale on consignment for you. We will deduct the cost of food and subtract $250.00 for selling your puppy under contract for resale. Or give you back 50% of what you paid for the puppy.

I would be happy to email you photos of the parents if you ask us, but we will not have any adults around when you come here to visit the puppies. We had someone try to steal one of our adults, so now none will be around for you to see—no mothers and no the dad. Sorry, but it took one bad apple to mess up the bushel!

If you are interested in a puppy, please know the selling prices are listed with the photo of that puppy. We update photos once a week between Friday and Monday.


All puppies are registered with THE CONTINENTAL KENNEL CLUB. The parents are double registered with both American Kennel Club and CKC. Please do not ask us to register the puppy with AKC as we no longer use that kennel club because too many people never register their puppies because they only want a pet. Money wasted on AKC registration can be useful in other areas.

We understand things happen unexpectant but, all puppies with a deposit to hold are expected to be picked up when they are 8 weeks old or that following weekend if the puppy turns 8 weeks old through that same week or a $35.00 a DAY paid in advance, will be added to the listed price of that puppy. If not, you forfeit the deposit, and that puppy will be placed back up for adoption. Too often, the people never tell us they are no longer interested in the puppy, and we have held the puppy for weeks before placing it up for adoption, which is not fair for that puppy. Most people who breed puppies require the puppy to be paid in full when they are 7 weeks old and picked up at 8 weeks old, or the buyer loses that deposit and the puppy are placed back up for adoption. We do not do that.

Most of our puppies chart to be between 3 and 4 pounds full grown unless the new owner has the puppies spayed or neutered. Also, depending on what the new owners feed them. No one can guarantee the size a puppy will be as an adult. Most of the time, tell people based on past litter. The weight chart is only an estimate.

You must make arrangements to pick up your puppy when they are 8 weeks old, or that puppy will be put back up for adoption, and you will forfeit any deposits made on that puppy. I am sorry, but people have taken advantage of our kindness, and the puppies need to get a wonderful happy home when they are young

I thank you for visiting our website

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We hope you find that special puppy you are searching for

The prices of puppies are based on the rising cost of supplies, medical costs, and all other costs needed to care for and ensure the puppy you adopt will be healthy and happy. Also, your puppy's size, sex, and pedigree are for just a pet or not. Pedigree has a lot to do with looks, and to get nice-looking puppies, they have to start with nice-looking parents, which is not cheap. Most are related to two of our past champion males or those with champion pedigree. If you think online prices are too much money for puppies, may I suggest you please check out the local shelters and save a life. Our prices are still under what most who have pedigree puppies online. Thank you!

We no longer have a waiting list. Please see why on our Information on adopting our puppies page.

Prices on our Puppies...Please read below

Due to the rising cost of everything needed to raise puppies, we have had to increase the prices. Please know after checking others selling chihuahuas, we are still way under what most are selling for. If the prices are too high, will you please consider giving a shelter dog a loving home forever? Even the senior dogs need to be loved. Most are in the shelters because their owners are either in nursing homes or hospice or have died, and either the children or family did not want them, or there was no family to take them

"Snowflake" t-cup female chipoo


This tiny little girl I was wanting to keep, but she is going to be just to small to breed.She is all white and is non-shedding.She weighs only 3.4 pounds at 9 months old and she is trained here to use the newspaper to potty on. Her mother " Twinkie" is pictured under this posting

I will post a photo of her soon.....

SnowFlake looks exactly like her mother except a smaller size. $2500.00

T-1 Female Chipoo


She is black and white,tan markings- birth weight 4-7/8 oz.. $1500.00

T-2 Female Chipoo


She is white and may get cream markings-birth weight 5-1/4 oz. $1500.00

T-4 Female Chipoo


She is white and may get cream markings- birth weight 6-3/4 oz. $1500.00



He is black with white markings chipoo- birth weight 4-1/8 oz. $1200.00

L-1 Female Malchi


This little girl is fawn and white, birth weight 5 oz. $1500.00

L-2 Male Malchi


This little boy is fawn and white and is going to be a long coat, birth weight 5-1/8 oz. $1500.00

L-4 Female Malchi

This little girl is white with cream markings ,birth weight 5-1/2 oz. $1500.00

Attention: We will have several adult chihuahuas this year. For people who have adopted a puppy from us in the past years, if you are interested in one of our adults, you will be able to get one at no cost. All that is needed is to show us proof that you adopted one of our puppies, such as a registration paper or your written health guarantee that you were given when you took your puppy home.

We will ship puppies if: The puppy is over 2 pounds or is at least 16 weeks old; due to getting low blood sugar from not eating during the flight.
We would rather not ship because we want people to come here and see where the puppy comes from and, most importantly, that we are not a puppy mill.

Here is some info that I found about cleft palate puppies and of a woman who will tell you how they can be saved. "They are worth saving" I have saved a puppy from reading her story that was born with a small soft cleft palate and survived. Just click on this link to read her story. I wish I could thank her.

Cleft palate info


We require a deposit to hold any puppy; all deposits are non-refundable. It means anyone wanting your puppy that you put a deposit on would not be able to buy them, even if they could pay in full or even if they offer us more money and we know the person offering us the more money. Also, a deposit is if you changed your mind for any reason, we would have lost the chance for that puppy to get home. This is why your deposit is non-refundable. So please ensure this puppy is right for you before putting a deposit on them. Finding happy homes for our animals is our number one priority

Maryland Law! All puppies must be 8 weeks old before we can let them go, although we accept deposits on puppies to hold until they are old enough to go to their new homes!

On all puppies, you must take your puppy to a vet of your choice within two business days to have your puppy examined. If the vet tells you your puppy is unfit for sale, you must notify us about the puppy's condition within twelve hours after the vet's visit. We will have the puppy checked by another vet and pay for that. If you treat the puppy before notifying us, we will not pay any vet bill. We then will either treat the puppy up to the cost of the puppy in vet bills or replace the puppy. We, as the seller, would have the right to a second opinion and pay for that.

We will not take a puppy back just because they are not house-broke. We work with the paper training of your puppy when they are very small, and most are going on the paper when you adopt them. Just like human beings, they have to be taught and trained. Although most are paper-trained here in my new home, it is strange, and boo-boos do happen. Training your new puppy takes more than a few hours or a day. Please be patient, as our parents were with us when we were very young. Puppies, since our frustration and anger make the process harder when we yell at them. Again please give them time to adjust. Thank you!

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We have had many satisfied customers. You may call Dr. Lisa Bright, who saw all of the puppies we sold while living in Florida, as they were required to have a Health Certificate in order by Law to sell them in the State. Her phone number is 1-352-288-6500. She is one of many that loves our puppies. Please call or email us if you have questions about the puppies or birds we sell. Contact

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Hello! My name is Bug

Bug Born in 7,7,2007, she weighs 1.11 pounds, pictured below!
Thank you for your time.

Below are two puppies that Cindy adopted. Both are very much spoiled and loved; the date of this photo is December/2012

Cindy is a photographer, and this is one of her pictures. "Christmas of 2013"

Special Happy Pets
Special Happy Pets

 Above as a pup below sent to me on 12/18/2020

We Offer Micro Chipping your new puppy with a small fee of 35.00 dollars.

Below is Bandit with his new buddy, owned and loved by Lou.

Two photos above is a male 12-week-old 11 oz chipoo named "Rudy" Photo taken 9/9/2018

Below is our little Beetle Bug with our cat "Johnny."

Cats often play with the puppies, and the puppies love the cats! Below is our precious little girl named "Kitten." She is 5 months old and weighs only 9 ounces, and the picture was taken on 5/19/2012. She was born on 1/3/2012. She went to a wonderful happy home. We will forever miss her. Update she now only weighs 15 oz. 1/14/2017

Above is our little Beetle Bug with Johnny who has passed many years ago.Beetle Bug has been adopted.

Below is another one of our extra tiny 9 oz. at 5 mo.old micro-t-cup female chihuahuas. I had to tube feed her from birth, wean her to an eye-dropper, and then to a bottle.

The bottom photo of her in the measuring cup is 10 weeks old.

Hi George, I just wanted to tell you we couldn't be happier than we are with our little Sadie. She has been a joy, and I can't imagine life without her. Thank you so much. I will send you pictures soon. Elizabeth

This is a Chipoo. Her name is Sassy!

Her owner Michaela 


Special Happy Pets
Special Happy Pets

Below is our Bug, 10-1/2 years old, and her daddy. Waiting for Survivor to come on TV at 7:35 PM

Special Happy Pets

Sadly, our Bug passed on 4/19/2018 at about 4 pm
She will forever be missed
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Info from Purina, some Breeds are affected by Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease. For more information, visit www.offa.org

From time to time, we have adults in happy homes. If you would like to be on that list, click the link below and let us know if you would like to be added. All are raised in our home, paper-trained, and up-to-date on shots and the rabies vaccine. They do not live in cages.

Please email us anytime with questions or let us know how your new puppy is doing. Just click on the link below.

Below is another picture of our precious little showgirl!

Sadly, she passed in her sleep on April 1, 2020

The only dog I ever had to have 2 favorite toys and play with them the same 2 days before her passing as she did at 12 weeks old Janae'

Special Happy Pets

Thank you for visiting our website
We hope you find that special puppy you are searching for

You must make arrangements to pick up your puppy when they are 8 weeks old, or that puppy will be put back up for adoption, and you will forfeit any deposits made on that puppy. I am sorry, but people have taken advantage of our kindness, and the puppies need to get a wonderful happy home when they are young