About Us

Hello again. We are proud of what we do and what we have become from customers like you, and I want to take this moment to say thank you! My passion as a child was to work with animals, and God has answered my prayers. I used to work at Microbiological associate in Walkersville, Maryland, where I raised rats, mice, and hamsters once in a while. I used to, as a kid, bring home baby doves and robins, finish hand feeding them, and set them free. Many continued to be what I saw as pets. They would follow me around. I also had pet chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, and of course parakeets. I have had them all my life, and the first mom said I was only one year old, and she paid less than a dollar for it. One day, I came across a baby snake in a huge hollow tree in front of our porch. I put it in a milk box and then into a glass jar. I was so happy, and when my mother saw it and told my dad, he got really angry and had my brother get rid of that snake, and I was heartbroken. I found out later that; that snake was a baby copperhead. Mom said I reminded her of Ellie May on the Beverly Hillbillies; she never knew what I would bring home next. And to this day, I still remember that little ten-year-old girl that cost that baby snake her life. Then in my teens, I bought my first Chihuahua, and the rest is history. I started raising my first birds[parakeets] when I met my husband in 1979. Then we got cockatiels and many more. My mission is to make you and everyone else who buys one of my puppies happy enough to pass the word. My best advertisement is from people like you, and I thank you!!

Our Business

We have a nice clean play area for all our puppies [No cages]. I believe a happy puppy is a healthy puppy. When you visit our kids, they are happy, and they will all come to greet you!!. The play area is always clean. They have lots of toys. They drink from a water bottle. We have been raising puppies for over 40 years. We use Nursery's to put our very small puppies in whenever we need to.

Special Happy Pets

Who We Are

I set out to sell birds. We moved out of state and had people still go to the house where we lived for five years after we moved. When we moved back home this year, those who bought birds were thrilled to see us back in the area. Now we own just a few chihuahuas. We now sell healthy, happy little puppies from time to time on consignment from family and a few of our friends.We have also let a few friends and family members have a puppy with an agreement that when they are two years old we breed that dog and get a litter of puppies before they spay their dog if they choose to do so. My husband has learned a lot over the years, most from me, as I was the one who always loved animals and had them. And I am proud to say he has helped me every inch of the way. My dream was to raise animals and make people happy; I have accomplished both. I hope to continue to grow, help people, and raise my  puppies. We are a small Hobby Breeder with just a few dogs, "KID'S." We started with birds and grew from there. We owned a small Pet Shop at a local flea market but decided to close and move back home. We moved all our animals and supplies and headed back home.